Our Story

Joy Lux Candles is a luxury line of small batch, hand-poured scented candles that you can actually smell, quickly!

We're a small business that believes when you spend your money on a luxury candle:

1.) it should burn like no other and 2.) you should be able to smell the fragrance, quickly!

Joy Lux Candles transforms your world with complex, vibrant, and long-lasting fragrances. Our candles are strong but not over powering. They are housed in a stunning reusable, thick-cut brass vessel which holds 16 ounces of luxuriously scented soy blended wax, with lead-free, cotton wicks. Our phthalate-free fragrance is infused with essential oils.

"These candles are made with purpose and intention. Lit or unlit, you can smell them from room to room. No hovering needed."

Sylvia Massey - Zeno, Creative Director

Our candles also make a wonderful gift, given of course with JOY!


Brand Cost Cost Per Oz Size
Joy Lux $52 $3.25 453 grams / 16 oz
Jo Malone $65 $9.28 200 grams / 7 oz
Diptyque $64 $9.84 184 grams / 6.5 oz
Delirium $40 $5.33 212 grams / 7.5 oz
Nest $40 $5 229 grams / 8.1 oz